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Saturday, March 03, 2007


Recently, a Muslim girl was ejected from a soccer match because she was playing with her hijab. I'm not a fan of the hijab, but preventing hijab wearing girls from playing a sport seems excessive. Many Muslim (and non-muslim) parents take strong issue with their girls playing any sport at all: I think the fact that she's playing, with or without a hijab, is something to be encouraged. The hijab doesn't put any of the other players in danger, which was the rationale for the FIFA anti-headgear rule. I'm not sure if I still agree with the anti-hijab ruling in schools in France.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

civet coffee

I bought a paper copy of the Globe and Mail last week. All I really wanted was the Dell advertisement to hopefully get a discount code on a computer for my parents. That didn't work out and today, as a sad consolation, I flipped through Report On Business Magazine. A short paragraph on Indonesian Kopi Luwak coffee caught my eye. Apparently, this variety of coffee is the most expensive in the world. Its production is rather peculiar...

The process is as follows. Our good old friend the Asian Palm Civet (remember S.A.R.S.?), a beast local to where the coffee is grown, eats coffee berries as part of its natural diet and passes the beans through its digestive tract, excreting them partially digested onto the jungle floor. The beans are gathered by locals who sell them at $600 USD per pound. Available at Pusateri's.

Who said Tim Horton's tastes like shit? Really? What KIND of shit?